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Backend Developer/DevOps Engineer

We are the developer of everviz, a visualization tool made for helping journalists and Content Creators to tell complex stories in a simple way. Our office is located in Bergen city center as we are a member of the Media City cluster. For our main application, we use technologies such as Node.js, MySQL, and Amazon […]

How to Create Financial Data Visualizations

How to Create Financial Data Visualizations

It can be difficult to communicate financial information to different audiences, but a well-designed graph or chart can help you to get your message across. As more and more work moves online, the ability to produce web-ready graphs and charts is important in any sector, but particularly in finance where it is often necessary to […]

How Effective is My Data Visualization? Well, It Depends…

How Effective is My Data Visualization? Well, It Depends…

This is a guest blog post by Rebeca Pop, founder of Vizlogue, a Data Visualization and Storytelling Lab that offers workshops and consulting services. You can find Rebeca on YouTube, where she posts data visualization videos every week. Rebeca has been providing insights and creating data visualizations for almost 10 years. She has worked as […]

Chart reported covid cases per day

Create Covid graphs like the Pros in three steps

Covid graphs are all around us. In this article we show how you can create graphs like the Pros without help from programmers or designers. The end result will be an interactive, accessible and responsive visualization showing new reported cases by day across the world including a seven day average: The tutorial is divided into […]

Mapping the World of Ice Cream

Mapping the World of Ice Cream

Jessica, our contributer from Cape Town, South Africa, has been playing around with the map features of everviz. Read her entertaining ice cream adventure! People don’t like boring bar charts covering their screens, and it’s your job to give them something more exciting. Map charts are attention-grabbing, bring universal understanding, and give readers a welcome […]

New plans

Announcing new pricing model from Oct 20 2020

For the first time in 3 years, we are making an update to our pricing model. Based on feedback from customers, the price per-user model was not always ideal, and it acted as an adoption barrier for everviz across the organization. In the new price per-usage model, we have included 15 users and the pricing […]

New Table

New feature announcement: Tables

Our customers keep society well informed, telling stories with data in an easy and understandable way. Our top requested feature in everviz has been to create and publish Tables. Now you can do it. You might ask, everviz is a service to easily create and publish data visualizations, so why introduce tables? There are multiple […]

How to make research data graphs and charts for the web

How to make research data graphs and charts for the web

If you are a researcher or academic, the growth of the internet has brought many opportunities for sharing your achievements with the world!  However, journal publication can still be a lengthy process, and sometimes you might just want to share a quick snippet of your research activities less formally. The good news is that it […]

Bring your data to life

Adding data to your charts and maps

This post explains different ways you can get your data into everviz to bring your data to life through interactive diagrams The following options will be described. Click on any of the links to jump to that section: Import a CSV file Copy and paste from a spreadsheet Insert data manually Connect to a Google […]

Election honeycomb map

10 starting points to Visualize election data

In this article we are providing 10 visualizations that your newsroom can use as a starting point to share your electoral insights in a simple way.  Since the whole world is watching the US election coming up on November 3rd, we decided to use US data as a theme for this post. The article is […]