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Produce your own interactive data maps with the everviz map maker.
Simply choose a template, add your data, and customize to create your own interactive map. Easily download, share, or publish your interactive map to a website.

everviz includes a wide range of different map types for displaying your geographical data.
Choropleths, bubble maps, point maps, category maps, tiles maps: all maps are fully customizable with your preferred styles.
Enhance your interactive data map with legends, tooltips, and labels.
Easily switch between different map types to preview how your data is displayed.

Serving maps & graphs for customers around the world

Make a graph in 6 steps

Quick start your project with a template from our “inspired” section, 100+ are available and added continuously.

Not just maps – Over 70 chart types

everviz provides templates and designs for over seventy different types of graphs and charts.
Line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, infographics, unit charts, timelines, and many more.
 The everviz chart maker allows you to compare the different chart types and choose the right one for your project.

Make a interactive map in 6 steps

Quick start your project with a template from our “inspired” section, 100+ are available and added continuously.

Standard features in everviz

Fully Customizable

Visualize your data with dozens of popular chart, map and table types and publish in minutes.


Engage viewers with interactive visualizations and combine them using our powerful Layout module.


Embed your interactive chart on your site, social media or download it as a static PNG, PDF or SVG


Team accounts provide groups with customized workflows, shared workspaces and galleries.


Every visualization is intelligently reconfigured to each visitors desktop or mobile screen size.


All our graphics have built in support for accessibility helping you reach a broader audience (law compliant?)

Live data import

Keep your data fresh by pulling data directly from a Google Sheet or other external sources.


High-performance online storage, no need to upgrade your site to handle additional traffic.

API access & Webhooks

Utilize the power of our API for barch updating and webhooks to trigger external events.


We offer free and inexpensive plans for individuals/businesses.

Powerful storytelling

Combine visualizations into splitviews, tabs or carousels using out powerful Layout module.


Compare the different support options available here.

Professional interactive map

With everviz, you can create a professional looking map within minutes.
Choose a country or region from hundreds of base maps or upload your own.
Quickly produce an attractive map using one of the many everviz templates and themes or customize the appearance to generate your own design.

Let your data tell your story

An attractive, interactive map can really encourage your audience to explore and understand your data.
Drive home your key message by labeling your map with legends, headings, tooltips, and annotations.

Fully customizable and brand compliant

Your map is fully customizable so whether you want to match your brand colors or to get creative with your designs, everviz can help.
It is easy to personalize your color schemes, and choose your own fonts and styles.
You can even create a ‘theme’ to share with your team, ensuring you deliver a brand consistent appearance across all your data visualizations.

everviz is improving continuously and I am curious what will come next. I am using Highcharts because you can achieve so many funcionalities by adding a bit of javascript. This is possible although I am not a developer but a coding journalist. Whenever I am stuck I can post a question on stackoverflow and within a day I get a perfect solution by the everviz support team.
Johannes Christ, data journalist at


Frequently asked questions about everviz map maker

Create up to ten charts for free! Just create a free account (no credit card is required). Optionally you can upgrade your account at any time if you need to create more charts or you’d like to use the premium features.
everviz includes hundreds of different base maps covering a wide range of countries and regions. You can search the available options from the map maker dashboard. When you find a suitable base map, you can download a dataset file that lists the regions relevant to that template. You can use this list to check your data is assigned to recognized regions, ensuring it will display correctly when uploaded. Alternatively, if none of the available base maps are suitable you can upload your own as a GeoJSON file. Once you’ve chosen your base map, you can upload your data and check it is correctly assigned to the right regions. Next, you can proceed to format the appearance of your interactive map to meet your requirements and realize your vision.
everviz offers a range of different map types which are suitable for different data types. If you are looking to display locations on a map then a point map is a good choice. However, if you want to show data associated with these point locations then you might consider a bubble map: this displays each point location as a circle where the size of the circle is proportional to the magnitude of the data value. Category and choropleth maps are useful for showing data that applies to regions. The difference is that category maps display discrete values whereas in a choropleth the data is normalized for better comparison across different regions. So, for example, a category map might show total population by state, a choropleth might show population density by state. Different map types are good for different types of data depending on your aims. With everviz, you can test out different types to preview the appearance with your data.
With everviz, you can make use of various exciting and engaging options for displaying geographical data. Tilemaps and honeycomb maps are two excellent examples: These are attractive methods of presenting data that allocates each region an identically sized shape (e.g. circle or hexagon) that are positioned to maintain the approximate location of the region. The shape is colored according to the data, for example, they might be used to show the distribution of election results across a region. Another option for a creative visualization is the pattern fill map. This option allows a simple graphic to be used as the infill for a region which can create an impactful and engaging map.