Make a scatter plot

Make your own interactive graphs online with the everviz bar graph maker. Easily achieve a professional look. Publish on your website, share on social media, or download your creations.

Line graphs, bar graphs, scatter graphs… It’s easy to create your own interactive graphs with the everviz graph maker.
Simply choose your template, add your data, and customize to produce your very own interactive graph.
Easily publish, embed, share, or download your creations.

Serving graphs for customers around the world

Make a graph in 6 steps

Quick start your project with a template from our “inspired” section, 100+ are available and added continuously.

Over seventy different graph types

It’s not just about graphs – everviz allows you to create all sorts of different types of data visualization.
Pie charts, histograms, scatter plots, maps, infographics, and many, many more.
The everviz design tools make it easy to choose the right graph or chart type to suit your needs.
Switch between different chart types to see how your data looks.

Make a graph in 6 steps

Quick start your project with a template from our “inspired” section, 100+ are available and added continuously.

Standard features in everviz

Fully Customizable

Visualize your data with dozens of popular chart, map and table types and publish in minutes.


Engage viewers with interactive visualizations and combine them using our powerful Layout module.


Embed your interactive chart on your site, social media or download it as a static PNG, PDF or SVG


Team accounts provide groups with customized workflows, shared workspaces and galleries.


Every visualization is intelligently reconfigured to each visitors desktop or mobile screen size.


All our graphics have built in support for accessibility helping you reach a broader audience (law compliant?)

Live data import

Keep your data fresh by pulling data directly from a Google Sheet or other external sources.


High-performance online storage, no need to upgrade your site to handle additional traffic.

API access & Webhooks

Utilize the power of our API for barch updating and webhooks to trigger external events.


We offer free and inexpensive plans for individuals/businesses.

Powerful storytelling

Combine visualizations into splitviews, tabs or carousels using out powerful Layout module.


Compare the different support options available here.

Let your data tell the story

Allow your audience to explore your data through attractive, interactive graphs.
Add legends, headings, labels, and annotations to effectively deliver your message. Use tooltips to deliver more information.

Customize to your heart’s content

Feeling creative? Every aspect of your graph can be personalized to create your perfect visualization.
Add logos, change fonts, choose your color scheme: everything is customizable.
Create your own ‘theme’ which can be reused across different charts to give a consistent look and match your brand specifications.

Accessible to all

Graphs created with everviz automatically include features that ensure accessibility for everyone.
Automatically include state-of-the-art accessibility functionality addressing vision, motor, and cognitive impairments.

We love everviz for elegance, ease of use, customization, and continuous improvements. The charts are fundamental for presenting our research
Dave Zackin, Graphic Designer at Regional Plan Association


Frequently asked questions about everviz graph maker
Creating your first graphs is free! Signing up for a free account is simple (no credit card is required). Simply register and then you can create up to ten graphs for free with all the standard features available to you. If you want to create more than ten graphs, or if you require access to any premium features, then you can upgrade your account at any time.
everviz charts can accommodate up to 1000 rows of data and we recommend a maximum of 10 columns.
It is simple to import live data into your everviz graph using Google Sheets. First, create a new project in the normal way. When you reach the “Add data” step, select the ‘Link data’ option. You will need to provide the URL of the Google Sheet and select the cell range to include. You may also specify the refresh time period for the live data to be loaded into your graph. Once it is published, your live data will be imported automatically whenever someone accesses your graph.
Yes, you can easily personalize your graphs to match your brand specifications including colors, fonts, and appearance. You can also create your own everviz ‘theme’ which you can use as a template containing all your branding requirements. This allows you to reuse your customizations across all your projects and you can even share them with your team.
A chart is a more general term used to cover all sorts of different data visualizations which may include diagrams, maps, and tables as well as graphs. A graph is a type of chart, usually where data is plotted along two axes (such as a line graph). But whatever type of chart or graph you need; you follow the same process in everviz. You can even switch between different chart types to see which one is best suited to your data.
With everviz, it is really easy to make a graph which is attractive and engaging. But before you start, you need to make sure you are choosing the right chart type for your data: for example, a line graph is often a good choice for showing trends over time, whereas a bar graph might be used to compare magnitudes. If you are unsure, you should think about what message your graph needs to deliver and then use everviz to test out some different chart types. When it comes to the visual design, you can let everviz take care of this: just choose a template you like and everviz will make sure that it looks good on all devices and meets accessibility standards. Interactivity and animations will also be added as standard (although you can change them if you wish), so it really is easy to create a professional looking interactive graph in minutes.