Clear and beautiful data visuals for the US election

Complex stories need simple, journalist-friendly tools.

Our widgets are pre-made charts and maps showing US election results in real-time. Pre-configured and on-brand, the widgets are ready to be published on all platforms.

Clear and beautiful data visuals for the US election

For the audience

Engaging and immersive news graphics that simplify complex election narratives.
Boost audience understanding and make complex election results more accessible and engaging, on all platforms.

Simplify a complex story

Data in an election takes the form of votes. Thousands of stories are hidden in the data, which continuously fluctuates by the minute. Charts allow the audience to grasp trends and insights at a glance, from minute to minute.

Easy access to election results

As the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ We like to say, ‘A good graph is worth a thousand pictures.’ Figures related to races, constituencies are available in real time in a visual, easily accessible format. All charts and maps auto-update as results tick in, delivering insight into key developments as they unfold.

Immersive storytelling

Interactive charts on your online platforms allow your audience to personalize the storytelling experience. Zooming into their region, hiding and enabling relevant and irrelevant information and similar allows for dynamic exploration of the data which facilitates audience understanding.

For the media outlets

Our plug-and-play election widgets empower your team
to visualize election data effortlessly.

Visualize data with ease

Let our expert team handle the technicalities around data configuration. Simply provide your data key, and we’ll seamlessly integrate election data into our visuals.Our live data connector is plugged directly into the data source, ensuring election data is visualized as the moment it’s registered in the database.

On-brand election graphics

Maintain a consistent visual identity with branded widgets tailored to your brandbook. Fonts, company colors, guidelines and more can all be incorporated to ensure brand consistency across platforms. everiz’s powerful theme editor contains limitless options for customizing the look and feel of these packages.

Coverage on all platforms

Engage your audience wherever they are. Export the same chart to all platforms, including online, video/live video and social media. Charts and maps are responsive out of the box. Dynamic fonts means text auto-adapts to your viewers’ various screens.

Serving charts for customers around the world

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