Clear and beautiful data visuals for the U.S. election

Introducing the everviz election package.  

Charts and maps showing 2024 U.S presidential and congressional election results in real-time on all platforms. 

Person interacing with an US election map created in everviz

The U.S. election is right around the corner

Our data graphics help your audience understand all the angles of an election.

See some examples below, and note packages are available for any election.

A simple tool for a complex story

Our plug-and-play election graphics empower your team

to visualize election data effortlessly and in real-time.

We handle chart creation and data configuration.

Election maps

  • Ability to visualize county level data with an AP key
  • Live updating as states are called

On-brand election graphics

Incorporate company fonts, colors, layout and more to ensure

your brand’s consistency across platforms.

Coverage on all platforms

Engage your audience wherever they are. 

Export the same responsive, interactive chart to all platforms, including:

  • Online
  • Linear TV
  • Video packages
  • Social media
Image of a live election coverage on TV
Parliament chart for the us election on a mobile device
Person watching a parliament chart for the us election on a tablet

Election results for everyone

Accessibility-compliant charts ensure legibility for disabled viewers.

Read more about everviz’s unique A11y features.

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