Average Number of Citations per Publication by Access Type – Pie chart

Journal articles which are open access are freely available on the Internet and openly accessible to everyone. That makes these articles more likely to be used and cited. In contrast, articles which appear in non-open access journals are initially only visible to people at institutions which have a licence for these specific journals.

Since open access journals place an emphasis on improving visibility and accessibility, they are exclusively published in an electronic format. In contrast, non-open access journals often offer a print edition of the journal in addition to an electronic version.

A stubborn prejudice persists that open access journals are somehow inferior when it comes to journal publications. This view is not supported by the facts. Open access journals also use the peer review process, and some journals have a Journal Impact Factor.

It is probable that the number of open access journals with a Journal Impact Factor will continue to rise. Studies have shown that improved visibility leads to a citation impact advantage.

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