Only 2 of 273 managers at Norwegian universities and colleges have a background from countries outside Europe and North America – Unit chart


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The chart shows that out of the 273 managers working at Norwegian universities and colleges, only two have a background from countries outside Europe and North America. This means that 97.3% of these managers have a background from either Europe or North America. The groups with the majority representation are administrators with German educational backgrounds (38%) and those with UK or Irish backgrounds (32%).  Administrators with a French background account for 9%, while 8% come from Scandinavian countries, 4% from Spain/Portugal, 1.4% Netherlands, 3% other EU countries, 0.7% USA/Canada, 0.4% Pacific region, and finally 0.7% Other non-European countries.

Overall this chart paints an interesting picture: While there may be some expansive diversity in terms of educational backgrounds within the highest positions at Norwegian universities and colleges, the predominant backgrounds come from Europe or North America. This suggests that while these institutions may be open to progressive ideas from outside areas – either in terms of curriculum or hiring practices – they remain largely entrenched in their traditional roots when making decisions related to upper management personnel selection. It is important to note that this data does not account for gender or racial diversity among these managers; however it does provide researchers with an indication about which academic regions are privileged over others at these higher levels in Norway’s educational system.


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