Frequency of Car Colours in the UK (2020) – Column chart

This chart shows the frequency of car colors in the UK for 2020. Each column represents a specific color and its corresponding percentage of cars within that category.

The majority of those vehicles are grey, black and white with around 27%, 21% and 18% respectively. Blue is the fourth most popular with 17%, followed by red at 9%.

These figures show an interesting trend when it comes to car color preference in the UK. Non-metallic hues such as black, grey and silver dominate due to their neutral nature—likely appealing to a wider range of audiences—while more vibrant shades like blue, red and green are far less popular for drivers who prefer more subtle colors. Yellow and bronze appears to be least desired out of all colors available.

The data presented here is according to recent statistics gathered from car insurance companies across the UK. It reflects a general overview of the nation’s automotive preferences. Despite this snapshot being just one particular year’s worth of information, it should still give us insight into what car owners favor when selecting their vehicle’s color palette.

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