Fully Automated Graphics for the UK General Election

Dynamic Charts and Maps Displaying 2024 UK General Election Results Across All Platforms – In Collaboration with PA Media

UK General election on a TV screen dark

We help you cover the election, saving you time and resources

  • We handle graphics creation and data configuration

  • We take care of all the business logic to turn electoral data into valuable insights

  • Visualizations updated minute by minute in collaboration with PA Media
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All about our UK election graphics

uk election graphics on mobile and laptop

A simple tool for a complex story

Our plug-and-play election graphics empower your team

to visualize election data effortlessly and in real-time.

Ready to use HTML graphics

Election maps

  • Visualize geographical data
  • Live updating as constituencies are called

On-brand election graphics

We work with your designers to incorporate company fonts, colors, layout and more to ensure your brand’s consistency across platforms.

Plug-and-play on all platforms

Engage your audience wherever they are. 

Export graphics to all platforms, including:

  • Online
  • Live TV
  • Touch screens
  • Video packages
  • Social media

Explore our UK election graphics here

UK General election on a TV screen
UK General election on a mobile
UK General election on a tablet

Election results for everyone

Accessibility-compliant charts ensure legibility for disabled viewers.

Read more about everviz’s unique A11y features.

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