Most Popular Pets in the USA – Pie chart

This chart illustrates the popularity of different pets in the United States. It is a pie chart that displays the percentage of households that own each type of pet, ranging from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles.

The majority of American households own cats and dogs, with 36.8% owning cats and 47.2% owning dogs. This amounts to nearly three-fourths of all households having one or the other, or both combined. The next most popular pets are fish, which account for 10.4% of all households, followed by birds at 5.7%. Other pets account for the remaining.

Overall, nearly half of all households in the US have some kind of pet, with cats and dogs being far more popular than any other type.

The chart reveals that while there may be many different types of pets available to own, cats and dogs dominate as American’s favorite companions. In addition to being popular among owners nationwide, they also make up a significant portion of total pet ownership overall. For those looking to get a new furry friend or just curious about pet statistics this chart provides valuable insights into America’s pet preferences.

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