69 football pitches of parking spaces – Creative use of Sankey and Unit chart


is an independent newspaper with news and debate from and about higher education and research. The newspaper is named after the Greek time god Khronos and will write about what is in time. The name also plays on chronology and chronicle. One of the newspaper’s main goals is to create debate. The newspaper was launched in April 2013 and is owned by OsloMet – the metropolitan university. From 2019, another eight universities and a college joined forces with OsloMet for joint funding of Khrono to further develop the newspaper. The goal is for Khrono to become an even clearer national knowledge newspaper for the university and college sector – and everyone else interested.

Below are some sankey, column and unit charts built in everviz by Khrono, in an article about parking spaces on university campuses, related to climate and environment issues.