Scientific sport-research charts by The Mulier Institute – Column charts

Established in 2002, The Mulier Institute is the only autonomous, non-profit, professional sports-research institute in the Netherlands. As such, it participates in important social-scientific sports analysis that is foundational, practice-focused and policy-relevant. It tracks trends in the Netherlands’ sports industry. In close collaboration with academic and technical universities both in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as with other research or studies, it develops its own databases and pattern series to this end.

The Institute aims to increase the level of studies on sport and sports policy in the Netherlands. It also supports the recruitment of professors of sports and organizes seminars and symposiums, such as the annual Day of Sport Science (DSO). The Mulier Institute, like Measure, EASS and ISSA, is a leading member of many national and international academic societies.

Below are some column charts built in everviz by The Mulier Institute. Column charts are much like bar charts, although bar charts are oriented horizontally, whereas the column charts are oriented vertically. Learn more about building charts like these in this everviz blog post:

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