Big Mac Ingredients by Weight – Column chart

This chart demonstrates the relative proportions of ingredients used to make a Big Mac hamburger. The chart’s title is “Big Mac Ingredients by Weight” and it consists of two vertical columns which correspond to two different weights: the Big Mac 100g (gram) and the total weight of Big Mac ingredients, 240g.

The chart represents the weight and relative percentage of all the ingredients that make up a single Big Mac – namely a bread bun, lettuce, onions, pickles, cheese, sauce, and beef patty.

The first ingredient listed is sesame bread bun with a weight of 74 g and taking up 30.83 percent of the total 240 g ingredient mass. The second most significant ingredient listed is a slice of American cheese with a weight of 14 g and taking up 6 percent; followed by beef patty with 90 g and 38.62 percent respectively; then shredded lettuce with 28 g at 12.01 percent; onions with 7 g at 2.91 percent; pickles with 7 g at 2.91 percent and finally sauce at 20g weighing 8.33 percent – of total mass composition for one single Big Mac hamburger sandwich.

In conclusion, this chart illustrates how a single Big Mac burger is comprised from various ingredients and breaks down their respective weights according to percentages as compared against the full 240 gram total mass value for all its various parts put together. It also provides an effective visual representation for understanding how each part contributes to making a complete hamburger meal – allowing those who read it to appreciate more fully what goes into creating such an iconic fast food snack item enjoyed by many around the globe on any given day!

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