Top ice-cream flavour by country – Pattern fill map

Pattern fill map charts incorporate very new data: a url for an open access image. The data uploaded here had a column for the country name (or code as usual) and one other column with the url of the image wanted. Once it’s all together, it was uploaded to everviz, and the map created.

Ice-cream data is here for favorite ice-cream flavour of each country. For a picture chart, the data must be something that comes across well as an image. There were very few flavors that came out as favorites here: vanilla, chocolate, tutti-frutti, and then Greece and Turkey had their own kind of ice-cream (which didn’t translate perfectly when using an image).

A great business application for this chart could be showing flags for each country or even employee of the month. Like the choropleth and categories chart, this chart is not good for comparing small countries to big countries.

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