Annual Spend (USD) on Ice-Cream – Choropleth map

The Ice Cream Market is Heating Up

As temperatures rise around the globe, so does consumer interest in the ice cream market. The two may even be related: over 70% of Brazilian consumers say the main reason they eat ice cream is “to cool down in hot weather” and companies in the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa now advertise ice cream in spring as well as summer. But innovation, Instagram and experimental flavours are other factors boosting and strengthening the global ice cream, which market research firms predict is growing at a global CAGR of over 4% and will reach around $80b to $89b USD in global sales sometime between 2023 and 2025.

To gain region-specific insights and recommendations, we asked Kerry experts to weigh in on the state of the global ice cream market, from identifying the typical consumer in each region to seeking out the strongest trends in flavour, consumption habits and the snackification and premiumisation of ice cream. As you work to acquire more ice cream market share, keep these observations and predictions in mind.

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