Населення України за областями станом на 2022 рік – Choropleth map

This chart provides a visual representation of Ukraine’s population by region. It is a combination of both choropleth and point-and-pattern filled maps, which make it easy to distinguish the more populous regions from the less populated ones. The map is in shades of blue, where the lighter blues represent less populous regions than the darker blues. The circular points scattered around the map indicate specific cities and towns with larger populations. These points vary in size and color, where brighter colors represent larger populations than darker colors.

The purpose of this chart is to provide an overview of Ukraine’s population by region at a glance. It assists in understanding regional disparities and helps identify locations with higher concentrations of people. For example, the concentration of larger colored points around Kyiv indicates that this city has the most significant proportion of Ukraine’s total population. This information can be valuable for businesses, governments, and other organizations wanting to understand Ukraine’s demographics better.

By providing interactive features such as filtering options or hover text, this chart could be even more informative when drilling down into specific population numbers per region or city/town. Information such as age breakdown or gender ratios could also be integrated into this chart to add further insight into developing patterns in Ukraine’s demographics over time.

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