Announcing new features

everviz is an online visualization tool that helps you create interactive charts and maps.Embed your interactive visualizations on your website, blog og intranet. You can also export them as images or PDF for offline and print.
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We have been busy adding features to everviz that will help you become even more productive with visualizations.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the latest changes:

Animate on view 🚀

Previously, the animation happened when the page was loaded. If the visualization was off-screen whilst the page was loaded, the reader could not see the animation effect. 

This is now fixed, and the animation is now triggered when the visualization is in view.

Animate on view works out of the box on both inject and IFrame codes for newly published projects. 

Animation speed

In relation to the above, we have also made it possible to control the speed of the animation. 

Screencast animation

In the basic editor, open Animation, and set the animation duration using the slider. Click the play button to preview.

Second axis

Adding a second y-axis can now be done in the Basic editor.

screencast second axis

Choose Axes and tick “Use Second Axis” under Vertical Axis.


You can now customize your Data Labels from the basic editor.

To customize the appearance of the Data Labels, choose Data Labels in the basic editor.

screenshot Data Labels

Table rich text editing

The Table editor now supports Rich Text editing. Align text, add hyperlinks and change text style using this intuitive interface.


It is now easier to change localization options such as language, number and date formats.

You can find the localization options in the editor. See this gif and result below.

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