Announcing new chart types🎉

We have just added more chart types to everviz. Parliament chart, Word Cloud, Unit Chart, Sankey, Dependency Wheel, Radial Bar chart. Check it out! Check out some samples
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We have just added more chart types to everviz. Check out some samples below

Parliament Chart

Use the Parliament Chart to visualize the current composition of a Parliament or a Senate

Word Cloud

Word Cloud is a visual representation of how frequently words appear in a text.

The data in this Word Cloud is taken from Samuel L. Jackson’s bedtime story in regards to the Corona situation. Hopefully the message is clear: Stay the F*ck home. See the video here

Unit Chart

Use the Unit Chart to create a visual representation of data using symbols or icons.


Sankey is a specific type of flow diagram, helpful in identifying dominant contributions to an overall flow.

Dependency Wheel

Dependency Wheel is a twist on the Sankey. Visualizes the flow between the nodes as a wheel.

Radial Bar Chart

Radial Bar is simply a Bar Chart plotted in a polar coordinate system.

Wind Rose

Wind Rose is typically used when visualizing how wind speed and direction are distributed at a specific location.

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