Announcement: Improved Project Wizard

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We just released a major upgrade to  the Project Wizard, based on feedback from our users. This article explains the improvements and how you can use them. 

The Wizard  helps you easily create engaging projects in the most efficient way possible. It loads every time you click the ‘New Project’ button.

Screenshot steps in wizard

The main improvements include:

  • Vizualization preview in Wizard
  • Easier to add text and annotations
  • Easier to retrieve projects by adding the option to provide a title
  • Publish or download charts directly from the Wizard
  • Easier navigation by adding links to the editor
  • Wizard now used for Charts, Maps, Tables and Layouts, providing a consistent user experience  

Read on to learn how these new improvements work.

Preview focus

everviz provides a wide range of data visualization types, good for different purposes.  

In the Project Wizard, you can now preview the different chart types before creating a new project. Preview different chart types to see which visualization best suits the data you want to share with your audience.

Screenshot choose chart type

Below the preview, you can read more about the chart type and some best practices.

Screenshot showing more information about selected chart type

You can also play around with different styles of your selected type. The short video below shows smoothening the lines using a Spline style: 

Screenshot try different variants of chart type

Add texts and annotations

You can now add text and annotations to your chart directly in the Project Wizard to simplify the process. 

Screnshot add texts and annotations in the wizard

Title your project 

At the final step in the Wizard (Save or publish) you can give your project a title so it is easier to find it later on from the Projects page.

Screenshot add project name

Publish directly

With the new Wizard, you can now publish your visualization directly or download it in your desired format.

screenshot publish button in the wizard

We have also added a ‘Go to editor’ link that allows you to make some final adjustments before publishing.

Screenshot open the editor from the wizard

Consistent user experience

Wizards for Charts, Maps, Tables and Layouts are now using the same technology. This gives the user a more consistent user experience.

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